Zach Galligan and Chris Columbus on Gremlins 3D

We ask the star and the writer of the original Gremlins movie about their thoughts on the rumoured Gremlins 3D, and whether they’d be interested in being involved…

A couple of weeks back, a rumour surfaced that plans were afoot for a fresh sequel to Gremlins, 20 years after Gremlins 2. The word suggested that it’d be a 3D film, and not much else has surfaced about it since. Here’s our original report on the story.

Over the past week, we’ve managed to speak to Chris Columbus, as he was doing junket duties for his new film Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief (out this Friday, 12th February), and Zach Galligan as he promotes his new film, Cut (which is released on DVD in the UK from 22nd February). And so we asked them both: what are your thoughts on the rumoured new Gremlins film, and would you like to be involved in it?

Here’s what they said…

CHRIS COLUMBUS, Writer of Gremlins

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Have you got any involvement in the rumours of Gremlins in 3D?

No, I just read about it a week and a half ago. In an odd way, I hope that they don’t go with CGI, I hope that they puppeteer the Gremlins in the way they puppeteered them in Gremlins, because there was a real hands-on quality. And I think that would be great, because you can’t recapture that. In a sense they’re like Muppets, you know?

So you’re not involved at all?

Not yet! You never know!

ZACH GALLIGAN, Star of Gremlins and Gremlins 2

There are rumours now of a Gremlins film, that’s potentially going to be in 3D?

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Basically, after seeing Avatar, it’s hard not to be excited about the possibility. It’s not just a gimmicky 3D where a person reaches out and touches your nose, it can be used to tell the story in a more convincing way.

I think it’s cool. What I get frustrated by is when people offer a choice of it’s got to be a reboot, or it has to be a straight-ahead sequel, there’s nothing in between. And really what you can do – it has been 20 years since Gremlins, a ridiculously long time – is because there are baby boomers who love the old ones, and kids who maybe are familiar – or unfamiliar – with it, you take what seems to be what the Ghostbusters people are doing. The tack is that you include some cast from the old, and, basically, put new stars, younger stars in the leads.

But I think what would be a shrewd thing would be to move Phoebe [Cates] and myself into the parent roles, and to have us play smaller supporting roles. And we could have teenagers. It’s been 20 years from now, we could have 18-year-old kids!

It’d be a project you’re keen to get back involved with?

Yeah. I don’t see why we should be thrown to the wayside. Somebody suggested that me and Phoebe were too old, and I wanted to say that we’re the same age as Brad and Angelina!

Joe Dante always said that when he made Gremlins 2, one of his intentions was to make sure there wouldn’t be a Gremlins 3…?

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Yeah, but I think that the whole 3D thing would change his mind. He’s just shot a movie in 3D, and I think he enjoyed the experience. So I think that, and not only that but taking 20 years off [Gremlins], that would maybe, maybe make it new for him.

Look out for the fuller version of the Chris Columbus chat this week, and the interview with Zach Galligan w/c 22nd February.