Yes, That’s The Millennium Falcon on the Set of Star Wars: Episode VII

That is absolutely the Millennium Falcon being built for Star Wars: Episode VII. There are some other fun snapshots, as well.

Star Wars Episode 7 Cast

***UPDATED: 6/4/14***

Never let it be said that J.J. Abrams doesn’t have a sense of humor about things like spy photos being taken on the set of the biggest movie of his career. The Star Wars: Episode VII director tweeted a handwritten message to fans, denying the existence of the Episode VII Millennium Falcon. Perhaps you’ll recognize the game board…

— Bad Robot (@bad_robot) June 4, 2014


As Star Wars: Episode VII is now swinging into principal photography, leaked set photos, especially from outdoor locations, are inevitable. We try not to make too much of a habit of running these, as it can be an exhausting process, and really…many of them don’t look very good. But TMZ sometimes get scoops which are just impossible to ignore, and in this case, they confirm what DoG reported several months back, which is that a practical, nearly full-sized Millenium Falcon is under construction at Pinewood Studios.

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See for yourselves…

This next one is an X-Wing fighter if we’ve ever seen one…

And then there are those other photos, straight from Tattooine, it would appear.

What does all this tell us? Absolutely nothing. It’s nice to see the old “lived-in” sci-fi feel of Star Wars once again, and there’s something strangely comforting about seeing alien beasts done practically and not as CGI renders, too.

We hear that’s Benedict Cumberbatch under that robe. Not really. Cut us some slack, please. It’s a slow day.

See lots more of TMZ‘s Star Wars: Episode VII snaps here and here.

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