X-Men First Class: Mad Men’s January Jones signs up

And still the casting news for X-Men: First Class keeps coming. This time, the new face of Emma Frost has just been revealed, amongst others…

They’re just doing this to make us look silly now. On Monday, we ventured that the casting announcements for X-Men First Class are likely to have come to an end, with the news that Jason Flemyng and Rose Byrne had joined the cast. In less than 24 hours, therefore, in came the next announcement, as Oliver Platt was signed up to play The Man In Black. And now?

Yup, you’ve guessed it. Yet more casting news for the film. This time it’s the role of Emma Frost that’s been cast. Frost did appear very briefly in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, where Tahyna Tozzi played a younger version of the character. In First Class, however, Variety is reporting that January Jones has been signed up to the role. Jones is best known for her work on Mad Men, where she plays Betty Draper, and she’s taking the role that had been heavily linked to Alice Eve previously.

Also, Variety also revealed that Bill Milner has signed on the dotted line to play a younger version of Magneto, while Zoë Kravitz is down to play Angel.

X-Men: First Class is being directed by Matthew Vaughn, is shooting later this month, and is set for release on June 3rd 2011.

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More at Variety here. And, at this rate, more casting news tomorrow.