Why We Haven’t Seen Sequels to Paul Feig Comedies

Wondering where Bridesmaids 2, Spy 2, and The Heat 2 are?

Paul Feig took part in one of the Tribeca Film Festival’s “Directors Series” Tribeca Talks, being hosted by Saturday Night Live’s Michael Ché. While a wide variety of topics were covered from stand-up to working with women, one of the interesting things asked from the audience was when Feig might do a sequel to one of his hit comedies, whether it be Bridesmaids or The Heat or Spy. The latter two there had been talk about a sequel but he didn’t seem too optimistic that any of them might happen.

“I haven’t done a sequel yet, and it’s not because ‘I’ll never do a sequel…’ These things tend to never happen,” he responded to the audience member.

As many people probably know by now, making a sequel to Bridesmaids would be up to Kristin Wiig, Feig confirmed, but he also doesn’t think a sequel would work in the same way that the original hit movie did.

Bridesmaids, it’s really up to Kristen, but also, sequels are dangerous. People always want us to do a sequel to Bridesmaids, but the whole reason that movie works is because Kristin Wiig was a mess and she learned how to repair her life, so you can’t do a sequel, so she’d have to repair her life again. People tend to think that the artifice around all that is what made the movie great, but it’s really that emotional journey. You almost have to be careful of it.”

There has been more chatter of a sequel to the crime-comedy The Heat, starring Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock, as well as McCarthy’s spy comedy, Spy, but those potential sequels have also hit roadblocks.

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“That said, yeah, we wrote a sequel to The Heat. Katie Dippold wrote the most hilarious sequel to The Heat—it’s like a take-off on The Silence of the Lambs so we definitely wanted to do like a horror-comedy. She and I were just so set on that, but Sandra didn’t want to do it. And then Spy—I’d like to make another Spy, but it made just not quite enough at the box office to get people excited at the studio about doing it. But never say ‘no’.”

Look for more from Feig’s Tribeca Talks soon.