Why I’m looking forward to Twilight: New Moon

Devoted Twilight fan Carley has especially high hopes for the incoming New Moon. And here's why...

New Moon

Caution: contains spoilers

It seems no matter where you go at the moment, you can’t but help bump into a vampire. Although I’m not talking about them out on the street or anything, but switch on your TV, go down to your local cinema or browse around your local bookstore and you will be faced with a plethora of our un-dead friends, and more often than not, their relationships with their human counterparts.

Although I am the first to admit I am a fan of the Sookie/Bill saga on the far more adult focused True Blood (the books they are based are more than worth a read), I can’t but help be drawn to two more fang-crossed lovers who also started their life out in the pages of a book. I am, of course, talking about teen sensation of Bella and Edward from the Twilight Saga. Having read all the books before the first movie was released, I’ll admit I was excited to see the how they would fare up on the big screen, and opening weekend I dragged my ever suffering other half to go and see it.

First off the bat I’ll admit Twilight is not a perfect film, but it is a pretty faithful adaptation to the book. It was well cast and the script didn’t fall into the trap of trying to include every little detail (Harry Potter, I’m looking at you) from the book, and most of it did work well on screen. All bar my pet peeve of Edward lighting up like a special edition My Little Pony when he hits any sunlight, but that is neither here nor there.

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The actual film itself is well shot and really screams of director Catherine Hardwicke’s documentary shooting style more than anything else which, for this type of movie, can be a bit strange at times. And I won’t even start to go down the ‘spider monkey’ path or my eyes may start to bleed with rage.

All gripes aside though, it was more hit than miss and, as the box office figures showed, the market is thirsty for more. Even before my cinema seat got cold, New Moon had been given the go-ahead for shooting along with the following book in the Saga, Eclipse.

So why am I so excited about New Moon ,you may ask? Well, mainly, it is because the book itself is far superior to its predecessor. Firstly, Edward and Bella are not the entire focus of the book. In fact, Edward is absent from a good 80% of it. A brave move in the books, however I do wonder how this will transfer into the movie and the cynical part of me does rather think we might see more of him than in the book to keep the girls happy and to push more merchandise.

Secondly, we meet Jacob Black, the character who split the Twilight camp into two sections, Team Edward and Team Jacob (love the fact the official website for New Moon is goteamjacob.com). When Edward hightails it out of Forks, Jacob is there to pick up the pieces and a bond stronger than friendship develops between the two.

Thirdly, there are werewolves. Yes, apparently Bella cannot have feelings for anybody totally human and Jacob is, in fact, a werewolf, whose pack has a history with Edward’s vampire family. I am more than happy to admit, when I saw Jacob morph at the end of the New Moon trailer, I did rather explode with excitement and jump up and down in my seat slightly.

We also have The Volturi to look forward to and I can’t help but to think that the casting directors pulled a bit of a coup when they got Michael Sheen and Dakota Fanning on board. Although the publicity shots do look slightly bizarre, I think once up on the screen it will work perfectly and they will all be creepy enough to keep a sustainable threat for the rest of the series.

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As with anything, there are always down sides to these types of teen based films and the fact you will need to sit through more than a few angst scenes is, as I know to most people, slightly off putting. But I do think New Moon will be able to pull out the stops and become a bit more of a mass audience pleaser than Twilight and will firmly set the path into Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I know where I’ll be on November 20th…