Who the Hell is Clara Oswin Oswald?

For Doctor Who Season Finale: Top 10 Theories To the Identity of Clara Oswin Oswald.

The season finale of Doctor Who is going to air in Britain in less than 24 hours and there is a noticeable buzz in the Whovian air. After all, this is the season finale. Before the 50th anniversary. Take a breath and take that all in. It is one hell of a year to be a Whovian.

But what do we know coming into this episode about Clara and her relationship with The Doctor? After 9 episodes, 1 Christmas special and some episode prequels the answer is: not much. We know surprisingly little about the Impossible Girl. But here is what we do know. And trust us, it doesn’t fit together yet: 

(1) Clara has gone by several different names: Clara Oswald, Clara Oswin Oswald and Oswin Oswald;

(2) We have seen Clara die twice: once in Victorian London and once in a Dalek Asylum. Each time she said “run you clever boy and remember;”

(3) We have seen Clara as a child in the late 20th century. In fact, she met The Doctor and recounted losing her mojo (its ok, she got it back);

(4) Clara is by all accounts human and had a relatively normal childhood. She tragically lost her mother in 2005;

(5) The TARDIS doesn’t appear to like her;

(6) In an alternate timeline she knew The Doctor’s name.

We know many other things about her but these are the things that seem to stand out the most. Of course Steven Moffat has been known to throw some red herrings our way. So we should really take all these facts with a grain of salt. They may all be true, true-ish or total bullshit.

There are numerous theories out there regarding Clara. The main questions seem to be “who is Clara? And what is her relationship to The Doctor?” We scoured around looking for our favorite theories and picked 10 to look at.

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(1) Clara is the 12th Doctor

We love this theory even if the evidence is a little shaky. She is highly intelligent, exists in multiple places in time and loves children. She has a great deal in common with the 11th Doctor. The fact that she doesn’t know she is a time lady doesn’t lead us to throw out this theory entirely. After all, she could have a fob watch lying around somewhere keeping her from accessing her memories.

However: the first thing The Doctor presumably checked was her biology. And we imagine that if he had discovered two hearts in her body, that would have raised at least a few red flags. We have also seen her die without regenerating. Twice. So as wonderful as this theory is, we are probably going to have to dismiss it for now.

(2) Clara is River Song 

This theory stems from the idea that the 11th Doctor is able to “save” River Song from the library. And he may be able to lend her some of his regeneration energy in order for her to regenerate into Clara. And again, they have simply met in the wrong order. She shares many personality traits with River Song and it would explain The Doctor’s fondness for her.

Here’s the problem: Clara and River are going to both be in the finale. And River is very particular about not crossing her own timeline. This would be a huge no-no to the universe. Also, why would Clara not remember being River? There are some holes in the theory and it would probably piss off a lot of fans. But it could work as long as Moffat worked his magic right.

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(3) Clara is a trap

The Doctor has suspected this all along. In our prequel The Doctor proclaims that Clara is “too perfect.” And as far as traps go, this would be perfect. She is highly intelligent, brave and funny. And she appears to be everything The Doctor has always wanted. And that seems a little fishy to us. Clara may not even be aware that she is a trap. 

There aren’t a lot of holes in this theory. But it seems too obvious.


(4) Clara is the TARDIS. 

No wonder The TARDIS doesn’t like her. She’s looking at her human embodiment. In the prequel The Doctor says he will learn what Clara has “always meant.” 

This is one of those “what the hell are you talking about” theories. Why would Clara be The TARDIS? How would Clara be The TARDIS? We’ve already seen The TARDIS in human form…

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(5) Clara is River Song’s creation. 

Again, Clara is just too perfect for The Doctor. She can’t possibly be this perfect for him without at least a little tinkering. Or as this theory supposes, a whole lot of tinkering. Perhaps Clara has been created for The Doctor as his companion while River was stuck in the library. We have no idea what happened between “The Angels Take Manhattan” and “The Snowmen.” But we do know that at some point River Song left. And if he was acting nearly as distraught as he was in the beginning of “The Snowmen,” River may really have had serious concern about him. She may have created Clara to be there for him because she knew she wouldn’t be able to.

The big issue here is how did River do this? And it does nothing to explain how Clara has existed in multiple places in time. And what about the deaths? It is possible, but there would have to be some really lengthy explanations.

(6) Clara is the Doctor’s daughter/granddaughter. 

Could Clara really be Susan? Is she Jenny? Is Clara either of their regenerations? We suppose it is possible but…

Good time lords we hope not. This would be so incredibly creepy given that Clara and The Doctor are hopeless flirts. It would be way worse than Luke and Leia. Yucky. And what about all the dying and coming back business?

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(7) Clara is Captain Jack’s daughter.

It really wouldn’t come as any surprise if Captain Jack had a few little Captains scattered throughout the universe. It is possible that she was put up for adoption and raised by the Oswalds. It might also help to explain why she keeps dying and coming back. 

But why would she be so perfect for The Doctor? Captain Jack was an awesome companion but he wasn’t perfect. And while The Doctor might be surprised by this news, it wouldn’t the Earth shattering revelation we’ve been led to believe it would be. It would be more like an interesting piece of trivia.

(8) Clara is Rose/The Doctor’s daughter

It could be that Clara is the daughter of Rose and The Tenth Doctor’s clone.

But why would she have been put up for adoption? And again, this raises some weird incest issues. Would that make the Eleventh Doctor her dad? And it still doesn’t explain the dying and coming back thing. In this case Clara wouldn’t be a time lady.

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(9) Clara is a figment of The Doctor’s imagination

Clara enters The Doctor’s life in his darkest of hours. She gives him a reason to go on. She saves his life. And she represents this great mystery worth solving. But most of all, she’s perfect. Too perfect. Is it possible that she is a figment of The Doctor’s imagination? Brought to life via magic and timey-whimey? It would explain why she dies and comes back. She isn’t real and doesn’t need to follow our laws.

But why does she have a birth family? Is this also a creation of The Doctor? And does that mean he’s still in Victorian London in his box? This would be such a cliché and cheap way to end the finale that we are desperately hoping this isn’t the case.

(10) Clara really is just an ordinary girl

This is the most obvious of all. We don’t know why she has died twice and come back. But maybe she’s just terribly ordinary.

But this is Doctor Who so we know it can’t be this. That would be so…boring.

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We should also add that Jenna Louise-Coleman stated herself that The Doctor has not met Clara three times as the show might indicate. Clara says in the trailer that she was born to save The Doctor. What we’re trying to say is that no one really knows what is going to happen tomorrow. Except maybe those lucky bastards who got the Season 7 DVD early.