When Will Frozen 2 be on Disney Plus UK?

After Frozen 2 arrived early on Disney Plus overseas, UK subscribers are still waiting for the hit sequel…

Frozen 2 Review Elsa and Anna
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On Monday March 30th, Frozen 2 came out on home release in the UK, providing families on lockdown with a blessed one hour and 43 minutes of Disney-based distraction – more even, if they opted for the Blu-ray and 4k version with all the bells-and-whistles extras. (‘Into the Unknown’ in 29 languages, apparently. How’s that for a home school GCSE module?)

Not everybody though, was happily singing along. UK subscribers to Disney+, which launched on March 24th, were disappointed to find the sequel missing from the service at launch.

Frozen 2 was released in cinemas around the world last November and was originally scheduled to arrive on Disney+ in the US and other territories in late June 2020. Then in March, Disney+ delighted those subscribers by bringing the streaming release forward by three months as a response to the global spread of COVID-19, making the sequel available from March 15th in the US and 17th in Canada, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand.

On Disney+ UK, however, there was no sign of an early release for the film, which is currently the highest grossing animated feature of all time and, at the time of writing, has bagged Disney a cool (estimated) $1.5 billion in box office.

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Unlike those in other territories, it looked as though Disney+ UK subscribers would have to wait until mid-July 2020 for Frozen 2 to arrive on the streaming service. Previously, a search for the title on Disney+ UK presented a message explaining that “Due to existing agreements, this title will be available on 17 July 2020.”

UK subscribers made their disappointment heard on social media after many expected the film to be there at launch following the early release overseas. Though this negative response was never officially addressed by Disney+ UK, we have been told that the streaming service will now make the film available two weeks earlier than originally planned, on Friday, July 3.

Set three years after the first film’s reimagined fairy tale, Frozen 2 sees Elsa and co. set off on a perilous journey beyond the Arendelle to discover the origin of Elsa’s magical powers and delve into their kingdom’s murky history.

Reviews weren’t quite as ecstatic for Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee’s sequel, and neither did it manage to repeat the first film’s Oscar nomination (and subsequent win), two things that matter about as much as the Bank of England interest rates, or their recommended daily allowance of Riboflavin to the legion of kids who flocked to see it, sing it and love it.  

July 3rd, then, is currently the UK arrival date on the streaming service. We’ll keep you posted if the situation should change …again.

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