What we know about The Fast And The Furious 6

Want to know more about the current casting rumours whirling around Fast 6? Then you’re about to click on the right post…

Flushed with the unexpectedly huge success of Fast Five (Or Fast & Furious 5, or whatever it’s called in your particular canton), director Justin Lin’s currently compiling his cast for a sequel. It’s all but certain that Dwayne Johnson, Paul Walker and Vin Diesel will reprise their leading roles as the car-crazy cops and robbers of last year’s movie.

Gina Carano’s set to star alongside Johnson as a law-enforcing side-kick, and Michelle Rodriguez and Tyrese Gibson are returning once again, too (the former’s reappearance certainly makes sense, given the post revelation that – gasp – her character didn’t die at all in the fourth film).

Earlier this week, rumours began to surface that popstress Rihanna, who’d just blown up sea-faring aliens real good in Peter Berg’s Battleship, was set to appear as a Fast 6 villain. We suspected at the time that this snippet was a load of bobbins, and Rihanna’s rep told MTV News yesterday that, “As far as I’m aware this is not true.”

Instead, it looks as though Luke Evans, the Welsh actor who simmered through the lead role in The Raven, will be playing a European bad guy. This would certainly chime with the rumours that Fast 6 will use several EU locations for its action backdrop.

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What we’re currently predicting, though, is that Fast 6 will feature cars. Lots and lots of cars. More news on this far-out hunch as we get it.



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