Wet Hot American Summer RPG Kickstarter Launches

Dibs on Can of Vegetables!

The Devastator, an all-humor publisher of cartoons, zines, comics and books, recently announced the launch of a Kickstarter to fund a pen-and-paper role playing game based on Wet Hot American Summer.

We are as stunned as you are.

Wet Hot American Summer: Fantasy Campis officially sanctioned by David Wain, creator of the movie and TV series. The game is designed by Geoffrey Golden and Lee Keeler. Golden is a co-founder of The Devastator who has written comics and designed other comedy role playing games, like Wizards of Cockblock Forestand Now You See Me, a texting game for Kik. Keeler produces comedy shows around Los Angeles, and has written a number of works for The Devastator, including Ryan Bartoski’s Emotionally Relative Trading Card Guide.

The game is designed to be newbie-friendly, and the guide was crafted even for people who don’t want to play. It comes with predesigned characters from the movie, like Coop or Katie or Can of Vegetables; or there is an easy character design process. The game is steeped in the movie, with three story paths laid out in the guide: Save the Camp, Superstardom, or Bonfire Boinking.

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Wain has done more than just sanction the game: he’s also writing the introduction to the guide, and cast members Michael Ian Black, Joe Lo Truglio, and Marguerite Moreau all contributed “game tip” interviews on how to best use their characters. The Kickstarter goal is $12,000, and as of writing, the campaign is over two-thirds of the way to funding. No stretch goals have been announced yet, but hopefully one will revolve around the greatest gif on the entire internet.