Watchmen: The IMAX experience

Stuart gives Watchmen another go on an IMAX screen. So how does it fare?

Zack Snyder's Watchmen

The line in the sand has already been drawn, the camps have taken their side and every word – from dumbstruck awe to unrelenting anger – has been written; so what more can be said about the Watchmen?.

For me it was an unashamed joy of a film and the perfect companion piece to Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s masterpiece. I’m as big a Watchmen fan as you’ll find, and from the signed original copies that I own to the threadbare graphic novel that sits on my shelf waiting for the next time it’ll be picked up and indulged, I have gotten to know these characters through and through, inside and out. I’ve lived with them on airplanes, trains, sofas and armchairs and I look forward to spending time with Zack Synder’s beautiful movie playing on my television and trawling through the bundles of extras, or giving up an evening to the nearly four hours long director’s cut.

Until that moment the only place to experience the Watchmen is in the cinema and if you’ve already been to your local multiplex to see the film, a trip to the IMAX for a repeat viewing is more than worth your effort.

Witnessing the swoop of the camera through the fictionalized 1985 of the Watchmen, the desolation of Dr Manhattan’s exile to Mars or being thrown into the rampant attacks of prisoners upon their guards, played out on the largest screen in the country, you realize the level of detail that Synder and his team of designers have achieved. On this grand platform every detail is thrust into the foreground, the tiniest moment is magnified; this is the world of Watchmen laid out in front of your eyes.

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Co screen-writer David Hayter recently posted a letter on the Internet urging fans to see the film again, that this is a movie that deserves a second viewing in order to allow yourself some distance from the comic and give Synder’s Watchmen a chance to breath.

After seeing this film a second time, I can’t urge you enough to do so yourself and the IMAX is the perfect place to give your time over to this wonderful film and be in awe of its amazing visual splender.