Watchmen finally arrives

After a very long wait, Watchmen finally hits the big screen today. So how well is it likely to do?

Watchmen - set to arrive when the judge lets 'em go.

After a court case threatened to delay its release, and after a build up that feels like it’s gone on forever (anyone else remember the trailer playing with the IMAX screenings of The Dark Knight last summer?), Watchmen finally hits cinemas across the world today.

As the first huge blockbuster movie of the year, Warner Bros has plenty riding on it, and it’ll be opening in a massive – at least for this time of the year – 3,611 screens today in the US alone (and a record for an R-rated release). So what will its numbers be? We’re going for a $70m opening weekend in the US, although we expect that number to tail off significantly the weekend after. The film will, we suspect, have a bit of a job on its hands to break the $200m mark in the US, and it’ll entirely depend on how well Warner Bros has managed to get the film across to a mainstream audience. That R rating is likely to hurt the long term numbers a little too.

As for the reviews? Well, we really liked it – you can check out our review here – although the more mainstream the reviewer, the less keen they seem to be. Nonetheless, the Rotten Tomatoes score for the film still sits at a decent enough 64%, and the general consensus appears to be that the film is a lot better than many were expecting.

Which is all good. Thus, we invite you to leave your own thoughts on the film down in the comments box, and enjoy whatever film, ahem, you choose to see this weekend. We gather Slumdog Millionaire‘s supposed to be quite good….!

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