Watch MST3K on Netflix! 20 Classic Episodes Arrive This Week

Finally! In anticipation of the new series, you can watch Mystery Science Theater 3000 on Netflix again.

Ah, Mystery Science Theater is everywhere on the internet. It always has been. From the days when the only way to get your own copies of most episodes was to trade tapes with other fans to now, when nearly every episode of the show’s 10 seasons (well, 11 if you count the KTMA days) is available to purchase and/or stream legally, it’s like the Satellite of Love is constantly orbiting the internet. 

But you know where MST3K has been curiously absent from for the last couple of years? The most giant of streaming giants, Netflix. That was made even more curious by the fact that it’s the home of the show’s long awaited brand new season, which drops the official season 11 on April 14th. Ah, but that’s about to change. 

See, there are rarely any surprises on Netflix. We know what’s coming out the following month usually within two weeks. But when Netflix announced their new releases for March, there was no mention at all of anything MST3K related. Sneaky bastards. Luckily, the official MST3K Facebook page fixed that for us.

Anyway, I won’t hold it against them since, surprise!, they’re dropping 20 classic episodes of the series on March 15th. They gave us like, 12 hours notice. Whatever. It’s cool.

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Here they are:

• Catalina Caper • Eegah!  • Future War • The Giant Gila Monster • Hercules Against the Moon Men • Horrors of Spider Island • I Accuse My Parents • Jack Frost  • Laserblast • “Manos” The Hands of Fate • Merlin’s Shop of Mystical Wonders  • Pod People • Puma Man • Santa Claus Conquers the Martians • Sidehackers • Space Mutiny • Teenagers from Outer Space • Time Chasers • Werewolf • Zombie Nightmare

A few things worth noting about this list. Werewolf, Zombie Nightmare, Laserblast, and I Accuse My Parents happen to be some of my personal favorites. But if you don’t feel like taking my word for it (and really, I wouldn’t blame you), every single one of these appears on the Top 100 MST3K Episodes of All Time list that was voted on by fans, including Manos, which came in at #1 on that list, and usually hovers around the top of most people’s best ofs. And 7 of these 20 appear in that list’s top 10.

So, it’s a good selection, a good start, and a fine way to keep yourself occupied until the new episodes kick off on April 14th. Don’t expect to see me getting much work done around here. Feel free to riff with me on Twitter.