Watch Aningaaq, the Gravity companion film

A new seven minute short film provides a new insight into Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity. You can watch Aningaaq here...

NB: the following contains minor spoilers for Gravity

If you’ve seen Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity, you’ll probably remember a moment where Sandra Bullock’s Dr Stone attempts to send a distress signal back to Earth, and gets an unexpected response from a man who can’t understand a word she says.

The film below, called Aningaaq, provides the other side of that conversation, explaining who the man with the unusual accent was, and the story behind the crying baby and the barking dogs. It’s beautifully shot by Cuaron’s son Jonas, who spent $100,000 making this complementary piece, which will be packaged as an extra on Gravity’s Blu-ray disc.

It provides an emotional extra dimension to an already magnificent film, offering up a contrasting story of loneliness and desolation. The Hollywood Reporter first posted Aningaaq, and you can read more about its making, and rumours that it might be up for a Best Short Film nomination, here.

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