Warner Brothers Sued Again Over The Conjuring

Warner Bros. is having a devil of a time in new suit over The Conjuring.

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Ask any demonologist and they will say it’s a little bit harder to exorcize a demon than the movies would have you believe. Warner Bros thought it cast out the sins that came with its blockbuster horror movie franchise The Conjuring. But Demonologist author Gerald Brittle says karma is a bitch. Brittle is suing the studio, as well as director James Wan, screenwriters Chad Hayes and Carey Hayes and RatPac-Dune Productions for copyright infringement. And the devil of it is, Brittle wants $900 million in damages or he’ll expose the real life paranormal investigators.

According to the lawsuit, paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren gave Brittle exclusive rights to their story and they violated their agreement when Lorraine Warren gave Warner Bros. the right to use the cases without the author’s permission.

The suit cites a 1978 agreement that had a no “competing work” provision barring the Warrens from making contracts based on the “same subject” as The Demonologist. The contract specifically lists making competing stories about their “lives and experiences as paranormal investigators.”

“This pattern of ongoing infringement by Defendants in the instant matter has caused Brittle irreparable harm,” according to the complaint. “Brittle seeks disgorgement of all of Defendants’ profits derived from said infringement and an injunction to insure the pattern of infringement is stopped.”

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I’m not sure what it means, but I love the word disgorgement. Brittle also wants an injunction to stop the release of Annabelle 2, which is scheduled to hit theaters on August 11. The author of the 1980 book also wants work on any other films connected to the Warrens cases to stop. This includes the already-announced spinoff The Nun, about the demonic nun at the center of The Conjuring 2 which is to be directed by Corin Hardy.

Warner Brothers and its New Line division were already sued over The Conjuring in April 2014, by producer Tony DeRosa-Grund and his Evergreen Media. The first Conjuring movie made more than $320 million at the box office. Annabelle, the first Conjuring spinoff, grossed over $256 million.