Warner Bros set to resurrect Stephen King’s The Dark Tower?

The ambitious plan to bring Stephen King's The Dark Tower to both the big and small screen might just be alive and kicking, with Ron Howard still lined up to direct...

A bit of refresher backstory first. Last year, Universal came close to greenlighting what you could comfortably call an ambitious plan to bring Stephen King’s The Dark Tower to the screen.

The project, which was being shepherded by director Ron Howard, amongst others, would have led to three movies and two television series, with Javier Bardem lined up to star.

Universal ultimately got itchy feet, concerned, with some justification, about the price tag involved, and also only wanted to just make the one movie first off. It eventually passed on the project, and everyone appeared to go their separate ways.

However, there may yet be life in The Dark Tower after all. The post-apocalyptic western might just have found a friend with Warner Bros, with the studio reportedly in talks to push things forward. It’s bought the script for the first film from Akiva Goldsman, who is now giving it another pass, ahead of planned production in early 2013. Ron Howard would also have the opportunity to direct after all.

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The television side of the project seems alive, too, with producer Brian Grazer shopping it to HBO. Given that HBO and Warner Bros fall under the same corporate umbrella, it seems that the various pieces of this puzzle might just be falling into shape.

Bardem is currently shooting the new James Bond film, Skyfall, but he was cast previously in The Dark Tower. We wait and see if he remains involved, which he suspect he will be. Then, it just needs Warner Bros to get its chequebook out.

We’ll keep you posted.