Vox Lux Trailer Shows Natalie Portman’s Darker Side of Stardom

The new Vox Lux trailer shows Natalie Portman as the decadent idol of her age in a dark satire of pop stardom.

Vox Lux Trailer Natalie Portman

While moviegoers are still swooning over Lady Gaga’s very earnest turn in the latest A Star is Born remake, another film about pop star culture is on the horizon, and it has a much sharper edge to its chorus. Indeed, this December’s Vox Lux is one of the sharpest (and darkest) films of 2018, and the new trailer only begins hinting at that fact with its vision of Natalie Portman at her most decadent.

Rocking a thick Staten Island accent, Portman plays Celeste, a pop star who was once America’s sweetheart following a horrific tragedy that we will not spoil right here. However, as the years pass and her number one hits pile up, so does her ego and neuroses, including regarding her teenage daughter Albertine (Raffey Cassidy). She also has a devil on her shoulder in a manager played by Jude Law, who met Celeste when she was a child (also played by Cassidy), but who’s relationship with her now is much more ambiguous.

The film is a wicked drama-comedy-horror-satire hybrid from writer and director Brady Corbet. Suggesting Celeste may not only be the idol of her age, but also the face of it, the film premiered to rave reviews at the Tribeca International Film Festival (and the Venice Film Festival before that) and was quickly picked up for distribution by Neon. The independent distributor, which successfully got Margot Robbie nominated for Best Actress last year via I, Tonya, quickly scheduled Vox Lux for an end-of-the-year release with the plan to campaign Portman for the Best Supporting Actress category (once you see the film it will become clear as to why).

The picture also stars Stacy Martin and Jennifer Ehle, and features songs written by Sia. The movie will begin its big screen rollout on Dec. 7.

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