Us Red Carpet: What We Learned About Jordan Peele’s Horror Thriller

Jordan Peele's next social horror film, Us, will debut at SXSW. Here is everything we learned about it.

Us Red Carpet

Us is almost upon…well, us. Jordan Peele’s terrifying Get Out follow up just premiered in Austin at the 2019 South by Southwest Festival. 

Just prior to the film’s premiere, Jordan Peele, producer Jason Blum, and the movie’s stars were on hand at a red carpet event to briefly tease what horror fans can expect to see once the movie premieres on March 22. 

Here is everything we learned about Us

Tim Heidecker’s character, Mr. Tyler, is not very likeable.

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“Unfortunately it’s a character that’s not the most likable guy,” Heidecker said. “(Jordan) knows that I can dip into that pretty easily. I can play some douchey pricks. Then he was worried that I might really be that way. I kind of immediately dispelled those myths. I really got along with him though. I really got along with the whole cast.”

Heidecker also seemed as surprised as anyone that he got to be in Jordan Peele’s follow-up to the megahit, Get Out.

“It’s always like a weird, crisscross line that I’m on. Sometimes I sit around and watch The Price is Right all day. Some days I go to the biggest movie premiere of the year. I think it will surprise my audience… surprise my parents, even,” he said.

Producer Jason Blum thinks that Jordan Peele is a genius (duh).

“I think he’s as good as there is,” Blum said. “He’s a visionary. I think he was amazing on Get Out and he’s got a bigger canvas on this movie. Every so often you get to work with a person who is a genius and he’s one of them.”

Blum also went on to say that he thinks the “undeniable truth” that Peele has alluded to in the press is “there’s a lot of good and there’s a lot of bad in the world.”

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Jordan Peele encourages his audience to come up with their own opinons. 

“Parable and allegory is one of the ways we Trojan horse truth to an audience,” Peele told Den of Geek. “When an audience comes in and has a visceral response – they laugh, they cry, whatever – they’re left afterward to process that. My feeling is that it’s not enough to tell somebody your opinion. I like to encourage people to think things through with a new perspective and come up with their opinion.”

Speaking of opinions, Peele also shared his on what it’s like to fill Rod Sterling’s shoes as host (and producer) in The Twilight Zone reboot.

“Heavy. Big shoes. I’m extremely honored to be a part of The Twilight Zone. I’m very excited to be a part of that show and I hope to do justice to (Sterling’s) legacy,” he said.

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