US Box office report: Madea Goes To Jail makes Tyler Perry a very rich man

Another weekend at the top for Madea Goes To Jail as The Jonas Brothers fail to take the soft spot. And Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li bombs...

Madea Goes To Jail

Tyler Perry’s Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes To Jail has, in two short weeks, become the most successful of the incredibly prolific writer/director/actor’s career. Considering he’s accounted for almost $280 million in his only four years thanks to his six previous movies, the fact that Madea Goes To Jail is the highest grossing film he’s made after only two weeks is very impressive. Madea added another 16.5 million dollars this weekend, bringing the film’s box office gross to 64.8 million bucks in the US. Guys in fat grandma suits will never go away, I guess.

Speaking of things that won’t go away, the latest in a long line of Disney pop star groups, the squeaky clean Jonas Brothers, were unable to match the success of the brain-blistering Miley Cyrus. All I have to say is thank you, mystical man in the sky who keeps the sun from burning us all. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The less I have to say about Hanson 2.0, the better. At least, unlike Miley, they pretend to play instruments.

Slumdog Millionaire didn’t get as big of a bump last week as I thought it would have, but it has gotten a serious bump. Another increase in theater count (just below 3000) and a HUGE increase in box office. Slumdog is back in third place after falling to fifth last weekend, with a gross of 12.15 million dollars American. The movie broke the $100 million barrier last week and shows no signs of slowing down even as it enters its seventeenth week in theaters.

Last week, I asked a friend of mine what movie I should see. I’ve been wanting to go to the theaters and watch something, but have it not be something I would normally seek out. In other words, nothing with robots, zombies, or robot zombies. The first thing that was suggested was Taken (fourth place, $9.95 million) which just joined Slumdog and Paul Blart: Mall Cop (sixth place, $5.6 million this weekend) in the 100 million dollar club. I laughed and asked if she knew why it was doing so well and why it was so good. She did not, and then I dropped the name Luc Besson, and a list of some of his movies. There’s no doubt that the man is incredibly good at what he does, and that’s crafting European action thrillers, which is exactly not the same audience that would go see He’s Just Not That Into You (fifth place, $5.875 million) or Confessions Of A Shopaholic (ninth place, $4.49 million).

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One thing I predicted correctly was the decline of Coraline. Sadly, this gorgeous movie’s take dropped from second last week to seventh this weekend as the Jonas Brothers took up all the available 3-D projectors. Box office dropped over 50 percent this weekend, to $5.252 million, but has grossed $61.1 million thus far in the US. It’s going to fade fast, no thanks to those curly-headed little pod people Disney’s promoting as the next big thing.

Not the next big thing is Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li. An eighth-place opening with only $4.65 million kind of puts a damper on all the discussion of a series of Street Fighter movies. Have people not forgiven this franchise for its Van Damme-damaged past, or has the Street Fighter banner been completely surpassed by newer fighting games over the past 15 years? Possibly a little of both. The promotion of a lesser character like Chun-Li over, say, Guile or Ryu seems like starting off a series of X-Men movies with a film about Angel or Cyclops.

Fired Up is looking to be a bomb at the box office. Having limped to ninth place last weekend, it’s even lower this weekend. Tenth place with $3.8 million means that it’ll be gone next week, and will struggle to even break even at the box office. The less said about that film’s whole concept, the better.

Finally, the movie I’ve been waiting years for is finally coming out this weekend. Watchmen, based on the best-selling and award-winning graphic novel, is rolling out this week! I’m so excited I can barely contain myself! It’s also the only wide release movie coming out this weekend, for obvious reasons. This movie, I hope, is going to be huge. If it does well, then maybe I’ll get that Preacher series of movies I’ve been hoping for since the comics came out in 1995. Hell, if they can get Watchmen into theaters, anything can happen!