Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune movie gets greenlight

David O Russell has signed up to bring the hit PlayStation franchise Uncharted to the big screen…

We should state the obvious first. If you have a PlayStation 3, and any affection for action-adventure games that have been put together with real care and attention, then you need to be getting your paws on the Uncharted titles. They’re genuinely highlights amongst the PS3 catalogue.

And Uncharted is now set to be the next gaming franchise to try and break the curse of the videogame movie. Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time was the latest to try, and got passable reviews, with a global box office take of $300m. That’s been a solid step in the right direction, certainly heading towards Tomb Raider numbers when that was at its peak. Yet, what has Uncharted got to give it an extra chance?

As it happens, David O Russell. While there remain one or two actors who don’t send Russell Christmas cards (YouTube searches are your friend there), he’s still the man who’s brought to the screen genuinely interesting movies such as Three Kings and I Heart Huckabees. And until last week, he was attached to the movie version of Pride And Prejudice And Zombies (we reviewed the comic book here).

However, he dropped that project, and Uncharted, as it turned out, is the reason why. Sony is pushing the project forward and it gives Russell his first full-on blockbuster to tackle. There’s plenty to go at in the source material, too, and here’s hoping that this is where the infamous curse is broken once and for all. If all goes to plan, then this could be the heir apparent to Indiana Jones (it’s certainly influenced enough by it).

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No schedule for the film has been announced, but we’ll bring you that news as it’s released. In the meantime, leave your casting ideas for Nathan Drake in the comments below. We think he looks a bit like Andrew Garfield in the games, if that helps…