Twist of Fate: The Hardy Boys Story DVD review

A double-DVD set for WWE fans. It certainly kept Rob and Lynsey entertained...

One for WWE fans...

The scene: my house at the weekend. The players: myself and my girlfriend. The situation: me, sitting on a Sunday evening with nothing on telly and no distractions, looking forward to reviewing this new DVD.

”I’ve got to review this disk for the website” says I.

”Oh, cool, what is it?’” says my better half.

”It’s a new WWE DVD. You know, wrestling”.

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“Oh, do we have to watch that?”

”Yes, yes I do, I have to try and get the review done. Don’t worry it will be cool”

“Erm okay, what’s it about?”

“It’s the Hardy Boys”.

“Is that Jeff Hardy? I like him.”

Thus, I was joined by my better half watching Twist Of Fate, a WWE DVD that indeed did feature Jeff Hardy, along with his brother Matt. And while this review does come from me there will be, on occasion some interjection from my girlfriend.

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The DVD wisely takes each brother as separate entertainers, having one disc each dedicated to their respective careers. While some things overlap, the idea that you get two very separate and at times very personal stories about these two guys is a really good move from WWE. It certainly makes it all easier to digest.

Putting in the first disc we are introduced to Matt Hardy, the older of the brothers. Covering some of his early life, which we found is mirrored in the second disc, we see an entertainer completely dedicated to his work. From practising in his back garden on a trampoline to entering a minor wrestling promotion called Omega, we see the steady and at times back-breakingly difficult road to success.

What’s different here is that there are so many familiar faces from the WWE in Matt Hardy’s past. So, for instance, there are long-time friends like Shane Helms and Shannon Moore adding commentary and also appearing in numerous home-videos. Plus there are amateur shows with Hardy, and the line between performance and personal life overlaps greatly. The feature then takes us into his personal life, and his very public split from then-girlfriend Amy Dumas (Lita). At times this is tricky viewing thanks to some of the personal stuff included. It certainly shows that not everything in wrestling is fake. It also shows Hardy’s professionalism and business-like attitude to work. It’s an interesting look behind the scenes.

We also get some great extras with various matches throughout his career. These range from matches from a few months ago to vintage footage of his amateur career. The extras pick up some of Hardy’s best singles matches, wisely covering some of the most emotional stuff such as the Hardy/Lita/Edge feud, but not covering any tables, ladders and chairs matches, which is a shame.

So with the 60 minute DVD watched and a couple of matches spinned through, my girlfriend stated that ‘Matt Hardy is a really nice guy, it’s sad what happened to him with Edge and Lita’. And that’s true: while I feel it’s very voyeuristic to watch peoples’ lives delivered packaged up and presented on DVD, it does make you question why they do it in the first place. I guess money and contractual obligations have something to do with it. Still with the right mix of personal life and wrestling, this was a good disc overall.

With disc two, we get the same set-up, but with Jeff Hardy, the more extreme of the two brothers. While Matt is a work-horse, and a very solid wrestler with a promoter’s head on his shoulders, Jeff is the opposite.  He’s a free-spirited extreme sports adrenaline junkie who’s the object of lust for thousands around the world.

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In touch with his creative side Jeff is a high flying daredevil who between making massive art installations in his garden and riding his moto-cross bike with no protective clothes on is day after day putting his body on the line to perform some of the most extreme and downright scary and impressive stunts ever seen in the ring. From back flipping off a 30 foot cage to diving off scaffolds, to being smashed through a table with a ten foot ladder, Jeff Hardy is a high-flying show reel of all the jaw-dropping moments seen in WWE for the past ten years or so.

While Matt is the serious one, Jeff is a joker, an insane artistic clown with a very creative outlook on life. From the behind the scenes extracts he seems to love living life on a creative edge. And while this creative side and look into his personal life is interesting, it really is the wrestling part I was interested in, and for those who have followed Jeff Hardy work this is a great disc. A consummate showman, Jeff has yet to reach his full potential, grafting and putting 110% effort into his shows. Whether it’s being thrown around like a rag-doll or going toe-to-toe with the best in the business, Jeff Hardy matches are always a joy to watch, making both himself and his opponent look fantastic,

Again like the first disc we are given some of Jeff’s best matches as extras, each one trying to top the one before with ‘spots’, highlights and jaw-dropping feats of insanity.

Overall this a very good double disc set, covering the right amount of wrestling to personal life. A mix of Jackass, Cribs and a ‘Best of’ show, this two disc set is a superb look at the personal life of two of the most charismatic performers of the WWE. Well worth it.

4 out of 5


4 out of 5