Turner Classic Movies & DC Team for Batman in Noir Alley

Find out how you can get your hands on Batman in Noir Alley, which teams the Caped Crusader with TCM's premiere film noir historian.

Not enough people still watch classic cinema. Be it Hollywood’s Golden Age or the groundbreaking advancements among the Italian Neorealists and the French New Wave, the best of “old movies” also stand as landmarks to cultures past… they’re also damn entertaining. Hence why it is heartening to see luminaries of our day, even if they be fictional ones, seeming to agree. Indeed, Batman himself is teaming with Turner Classic Movies host Eddie Muller in a new comic book and virtual reality experience from DC Comics and TCM. You read that right: Batman also watches TCM!

DC made the announcement Wednesday that they have partnered with TCM again for Batman in Noir Alley, a one-off comic book story that will coincide with the release of a 360-Degree Series for VR headsets and PC by TCM. The comic will follow the rain-trodden beat of Batman as he teams with TCM’s “Noir Alley” host Muller after “the Moroccan Raptor” goes missing at the Gotham City Museum. Vanished into the night, it will be up to the Caped Crusader and a film aficionado to save the day and figure out what is going on. If we had a hunch, look out for “the Fat Man” and Peter Lorre, who had a sweet tooth for the similarly named Maltese Falcon in the past… also beware of Mary Astor. Period.

The comic book, which will be released for free, is written by Stuart Moore and has cover art by Dan Panosian. Beginning today, it will be released in comic book stores nationwide and will be available for free at DC’s comic booth in October.

Meanwhile, Turner Classic Movies will also begin in October its new virtual experience series, “Noir Alley: 360°.” The series will have its own unique tale involving kidnapping and murder, and perhaps a bit of big sleep disappearances to boot. It will allow fans to immerse themselves into the world of classic post-World War II film noir cynicism and downbeat glory. It will be available on all VR devices and for PC.

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