True Lies TV Show in the Works with McG

Fox is teaming with Charlie's Angels McG and Arrow's Marc Guggenheim to produce a True Lies reboot for network television.

It can be argued that James Cameron’s True Lies has not aged as gracefully over the years as some of his other action blockbusters. With a questionable depiction of a marriage between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis onscreen, it is not a perfect film… but it is still pretty damn hilarious and a pretty clever riff on the spy genre. Mixing matrimony and spymania has after all ever since been something filmmakers have toyed with, from Mr. & Mrs. Smith to Mission: Impossible 3. Still, no one does it better (in terms of ‘90s action glee) than a pun-dispensing Arnold Schwarzenegger. So it’s probably inevitable that True Lies would get a reboot of some sort. Thus enter Fox’s newest television remake prospect.

As revealed via Deadline, the new series is in development at 20th Century Television with McG and Arrow’s Marc Guggenheim credited as creators and executive producers.

The series will update the saga of a spy who tries to keep his undercover work also on the down low while married to a housewife who grows increasingly distressed with the boredom that’s seeped into their relationship. But once she accidentally becomes ensnared in his world of explosions and super-fights, their marriage will become stronger than ever.

McG is set to direct the hour-length pilot, which will be written by Guggenheim. In addition to executive producing the project, they’ll be joined by executive producers James Cameron and the Lighstorm production company’s Jon Landau.

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It’s unclear how one would remake True Lies for the modern era, but we imagine having a husband force his wife to do a striptease for him while pretending to be another man will not wind up in the pilot. Then again, McG directed the two Charlie’s Angels films, so anything can happen.