Transformers writer to remake Cronenberg’s Videodrome

Sadomasochistic SF shocker hits the Hollywood remake machine…

Many laments on the web this morning as Universal announces that Arlington Road, Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen and Ring scribe Ehren Kruger will be turning his word processor towards a revamp of David Cronenberg’s 1983 psycho-shocker Videodrome.

In the current climate of torture-porn and general cinematic sadism, I’m actually surprised that it took so long for this particular Eighties gem to hit the remake treadmill, but apparently the rights proved elusive for a long time. In the original James Woods plays the sleazy producer of a minor TV station that stumbles across a secret experimental video broadcast called Videodrome; the late night transmissions seem to have the power to bend reality and deal in sadomasochistic sex and torture. Deborah Harry played Woods’ psychologist lover, who succumbs to the S&M charm of the signal.

Kruger teams up with Skeleton Key partner/producer Daniel Bobker to bring the new version to cinemas sometime in the next two years, though production is not set to begin until later this year or even 2010.

Variety reports that the concept will be ‘modernised’ into a larger action thriller featuring nanotechnology. Cronenberg’s work issued from the early-80s controversy about ‘video nasties’ and the influence of modern horror on tender psyches. Many of the films then under attack from critics included the Canadian director’s own work, such as Rabid and Shivers.

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