Transformers: The Movie Returns to Theaters This September

Transformers: The Movie, the tremendous (and traumatic) 1980s favorite gets a one-night only revival from Fathom Events.

From a cynic’s point of view, Transformers: The Movie was little more than a thinly veiled attempt for Hasbro to introduce new toys that robot-loving kids would then subsequently beg their parents for.

While this certainly was a massive part of the reason the enduring flick was made in the first place, it also ignores the fact that the movie is way more substantial than it has any right to be. For children who saw this film when it first hit theaters in 1986, it left a deep and lasting impression…and not just because of the, spoiler, fabled death of Optimus Prime. Transformers: The Movie was also a film that showcased the power of animation to a generation of children who would grow up to devour every sort of more-adult cartoon they could find, from Heavy Metal to anime.

It was, in its own Stan Bush-soundtracked way, a revolutionary film experience — packed with casual violence that made viewers raised on family friendly toons realize that animation could take risks and be unsafe. Which is arguably the mean reason why Transformers: The Movie has endured for over three decades.

Even though Shout Factory released a stellar Blu-ray of the film a few years back, there is still enough demand to see the feature on the big screen to warrant a revival, even if for one night. Thus, on September 27th at 7pm, Transformers: The Movie will be the focus of a special screening from Fathom Events, held in conjunction with Hasbro and Shout Factory.

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Along with a screening of the fully restored film, the evening will include a featurette detailing the making of the upcoming Bumblebee spin-off. That’s enough reason to leave the house right there, but Fathom has sweetened the pot by also including a new interview with soundtrack legend Stan Bush in which he discusses — and performs! — Transformers: The Movies infamous tracks “Dare” and “The Touch.” Personally, I hope he shares his thoughts on the latter track’s amazing use in Boogie Nights.

Tickets go on sale tomorrow via Fathom Events‘ website and at your local theater’s box office. 32 years on, Transformers: The Movie still indeed has the touch, and it’s one that won’t diminish anytime soon.

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