Transformers 2 and Bringing the 80s Back

Arron despairs of a free-for-all stripmining of the decade he grew up in...

A small reminder of the past

I (Finally) saw the Trailer for Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen today….

I’m a little ashamed to admit that a bunch of CGI robots quite possibly got me slightly aroused-but hey, it brings new meaning to “metrosexual”.

The first Transformers installment was probably the highlight of 2007 for me (even though some details had changed from Allan Dean Foster’s Transformers: Ghosts of Yesterday – such as when Megatron was moved to the Hoover Dam).  The DVD release was almost certainly the highlight of 2008 (it might’ve been a slow year); and now here we are – the even bigger budget sequel.

I was a kid when the Transformers cartoons came out-and was just transfixed about everything about them.

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My birthday and Christmas lists are still full of requests for old Transformers DVDs to replace the videos that were worn beyond watchability…the mighty muggs Transformers release shot to the top of my “most wanted” list, and then I find out right here on den of geek that the (US) release date has moved forwards to 24th June?  Fantastic!

I’m not even concerned as to whether the movie can live up to the billing from its trailer-it surpassed expectations last time (excluding the boombox/mobile phone comedy sidekick decepticon “Frenzy”, who I loathe on an even keel with Jar-Jar Binks).

My only concern is where this vapid recycling of the 1980s is going to go next?  With Topman once more stocking “Frankie says relax” tees, the sign is that people are still determined to try and bring the 80’s back.  I’m already in a small frenzy at the thought of seeing Ving Rhames or Ice Cube try to play BA Baracus in the often-discussed (but hopefully will never happen) A-Team Movie, and with Heath Ledger having passed away – seemingly the only man left to play Lion-O is Hugh Jackman (shudders), unless the Brad Pitt rumours are to be believed (although I don’t see Brad as a costumed hero type of guy).

All I have to console myself is a 150-odd second long tease from Michael Bay (with not quite enough of Megan Fox in it) to last me until we get to see Revenge of the Fallen over in the UK, presumably some time in early July.

Until then, I can honestly say, I’m happy with as many (decent) Transformer movies as anyone would like to release – whether live action or animation-but please, stop there!

Don’t ruin the childhood memories of an entire generation by giving Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman or (and I love Entourage-and recognize that he has had no formal link to the role whatsoever, but god forbid) Adrian Grenier the Sword of Omens…don’t choose between Ving Rhames-who has spent the last decade on DVD players worldwide being violated in a basement-or Ice Cube as BA Baracus…forgetting that Mr Cube has been on a rapid downhill descent since Friday.

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Leave the 80’s where they are!