Tommy Wiseau Spectacularly Recreates Dark Knight Joker Scene

Wiseau serious?

Tommy Wiseau’s notoriously terrible self-financed film The Room has gone on to become so weirdly beloved and memed amongst so-bad-it’s-good fans that they really need to invent a new genre of meta purely for the actor/producer/director and European(?) mystery man to reside within.

Such is his infamy, James Franco even played him in 2017’s Hollywood love letter The Disaster Artist, which dramatised the creation of The Room in the early 00s, and virtually every bonkers decision that was made during its production.

It’s fair to say at this point that Wiseau would quite like to play the Joker, and if we’ve learned anything from the bizarre tales of his life so far, it’s that Tommy Wiseau tends to get things he wants. Somehow. To that end, he’s not only previously ‘auditioned’ as the Clown Prince of Crime, he’s now fully recreated the Batman/Joker interrogation scene from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight for Nerdist.

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Is he good in the scene? Well, no, he’s Tommy Wiseau.

Full disclosure: we have already watched this six times today and a seventh viewing is likely ahead. Have a look…

Look, we’re not saying a Tommy Wiseau Joker feature film should happen in earnest, but if Warner Bros and DC are planning to make one for every man, woman and child on this planet, maybe it’s not the most ridiculous idea for the guy to throw his hat into the ring at this stage.

Wiseau and longtime collaborator Greg Sestero’s latest venture, Best F(r)iends, is being released on iTunes today, so this is all great publicity for the pair anyway.