Tom & Jerry returning to the big screen

Another big screen outing for Tom & Jerry is coming. Let’s hope it’s better than last time…

Tom & Jerry

If we ever get round to compiling our guide to the worst ever movie adaptations of a television property, then the Tom & Jerry movie is surely in contention for the top slot, even nudging out the travesty of the Scooby Doo and Flintstones outings. For the Tom & Jerry movie, lest we forget, was the one where the producers decided that the pair had fought for long enough, and should join forces. Gone was the smacking seven shades out of each other, and in its place were Tom and Jerry in, er, a buddie movie.


We hope, therefore, that Warner Bros has learned its lesson, and following its announcement that it’s planning to bring a computer generated iteration of the pair back to the big screen, that it leaves some things in tact. Namely, that Tom and Jerry are supposed to fight each other. That’s why we like them. That’s the fun. And that’s what the film absolutely needs.

We’re not hugely keen on it being a CG affair, but then that’s a sign of the times we guess. There’s no confirmation as yet as to when the project will hit our screens. But surely, surely, surely, they can’t mess this one up twice?

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22 January 2009