Titanic Returning to Theaters for 20th Anniversary

Watch the new trailer for Titanic's 20th anniversary return to theaters in Dolby Vision, starting on Dec. 1!

If you were alive and old enough to go to a movie theater in the winter of 1997 and early ’98, then chances are you saw Titanic. Multiple times. You really didn’t have a choice. A cultural juggernaut unlike any superhero or fantasy epic that has followed in the 20 years since its release, including Cameron’s own Avatar, Titanic was a monster of a film that combined classical romantic melodrama, true life tragedy (which only heightened the romance and said melodrama), and CG disaster movie spectacle before that became passé. Many a young girl ventured on that fateful voyage a half-dozen times or more in the hopes that dear, sweet Leo would somehow make it to the end of the picture as more than a frozen popsicle.

Alas, it never came to pass, but Titanic’s return to theaters has. Set to premiere in “Dolby Vision” at select AMC theaters, the second highest grossing movie of all-time returns to theaters for its 20th anniversary this December. In 2D or 3D, no format or surcharge is too much for the Jack and Rose—and Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio—love story to run up the box office scoreboard a little higher.

In the below trailer, see James Cameron introduce Titanic and claim Dolby Vision is like a whole new visual experience unlike any other previous way of viewing the film. Hear James Horner’s haunting score, and Céline Dion’s somewhat less timeless musical inflections as icebergs hit, passionate pleas are exclaimed, and vows of never letting go are made. Just maybe, Leo is going to survive it this time. Just maybe…

Titanic docks into AMC movie theater ports beginning on Dec. 1.