The “What’s Your Favourite Jason Statham movie?” database

We get the chance to interview famous people every now and them. We ask them their favourite Statham movie. Here's what happens...

Jason Statham

Jason Statham. Since the dawn of Den Of Geek, he has been our muse. Our mayor. Our driving force. So much so, that we ask lots of people that we meet just what their favourite Statham movie is (including the man himself). Here, we’ve gathered together lots of the responses we’ve had in one document.

And so here it is:

Jason Segel: “I guess it would have to be… oh man, there are so many. I’m going to go with The Transporter!”

Seth Rogen:Crank. And then Crank 2.”

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Evan Goldberg: “It was him in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, right? That’s the best one.”

Alice Lowe: “I’ve never seen any of his films….. Oh I did! I saw a bit of a weird one where there were loads of strippers in it. I don’t know what it was. I think people think it’s good, and some people think it’s an intelligent film! But I just thought this is awful [Laughs]! I saw ten minutes of it and thought ‘kill me now!'”

Wes Bentley: “I’m gonna give you one you probably don’t hear much: London. I read the script before they made it and it was called Occam’s Razor, but they changed the name to London. And he’s doing something he doesn’t normally do. I know a lot of people probably haven’t seen that one.”

Rupert Grint: “Well… what’s the one with the adrenaline? Crank? Yeah, Crank! I’m going with Crank!”

Scott Stewart (director of Dark Skies): “Um… I like The Bank Job, is that the period one? Or, probably Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels, that was a lot of fun, I liked that one”.

Fran Kranz: “I’m gonna say Lock, Stock, And Two Smoking Barrels. Wait, I want to be the guy who says Pink Panther. Yes, it was the Steve Martin Pink Panther, and he was playing Yves Gluant. He was brilliant in The Pink Panther

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James Moran (writer of Cockneys Vs Zombies, Tower Block): “The Transporter, every time. Vintage Statham, good story, and fantastically inventive fight sequences that go on forever. I won’t hear a word against it, or against Statham, and I will have an oiled up fight with anyone who disagrees. Crank is a very close second, because it sets up its insane rules and then sticks to them right to the very end, with Statham flinging himself into it with gusto. And Snatch is third, because it’s great fun and showcases his surprisingly deft comic touch, which people should let him use more. Yeah, I love Jason Statham, what of it?”

Kevin Lehane (writer of Grabbers): “I guess it would be Cellular. Because it was nice and high concept. I know he’s only the villain in that, but I thought it was a really smart film, I would’ve loved to have had that concept”.

Jon Wright (director of Grabbers): “Snatch, I suppose.”

Eddie Marsan: “Oh God. I don’t know [long, somewhat exasperated pause, then finally] I thought Lock Stock was a good film. I thought Lock Stock was a good film because I think it was a one-off before it was imitated a hundred times. I thought it was a very good film.”

Dara O Briain: “Ah! For sheer nonsense, the one where he is a hitman and there’s a French or Italian cop… The Transporter? This cop keeps going ‘oh I don’t know, maybe I should report it, maybe I shouldn’t?’ And you’re going ‘yeah, you should, you’re a police officer! And there’s a dead body in the boot of this car! What the fuck are you doing’. And they made more of them! It’s the most insane film of all time.

Crank is obviously ridiculous, but that one with the cop going ‘I don’t know. I know I did not see anything’. Yes you fucking did! You’re a police officer! Report him! He’d have been arrested at the start of the film, and that would have been the end of it”

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Colm Meaney: “You know what, I’m not a big action fan…there was an American one he did…I just happened to catch it late night and thought it was very good…um…him and…his brother? And they were in the Deep South in America…I can’t remember the name…make one up and I’ll say that!”

Steven Knight (director of Hummingbird): “Apart from HummingbirdThe Bank Job!”

Simon Pegg:Crank!”

Joss Whedon: “I’ve seen a few, I like him. I’m trying to think, I can’t think of a favourite film. Probably my least favourite film has my favourite sequence, that would be Crank 2 because it has the Godzilla sequence, which, in the middle of an appalling mess is a masterpiece”.

Edgar Wright: “Oh, Crank, right? And I like Crank 2 as well!”

David Essex (yep): “I actually don’t [watch his films]. I’ve got a problem here.”

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Iain Softley (director of Backbeat, Skeleton Key and Trap For Cinderella): “I think it has to be… was he in it? Was he in Snatch? I think it has to be that.”

Karl Urban:The Bank Job!

Sean Bean: “Nothing springs to mind at the moment!”

James McAvoy: “Crank, because he got the line, “Does it look like I’ve got c*nt written on my head?” and that is the best line I’ve ever heard in a film”.

Rob Minkoff (director of Mr Peabody and Sherman, The Lion King, and Stuart Little): “Er, The Transporter?”

Corin Hardy (director of The Hallow): “My favourite Jason Statham movie is… the one that he’s going to make where he’s in a horror movie. Maybe he can become some kind of a monster? I’m trying to think what I’ve seen! Probably it’d have to be Crank.”

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Johannes Roberts (director of The Other Side Of The Door): “Of course there’s only one answer… Ghosts Of Mars!” 

Adam McKay (director of The Big Short): “I’ll give you a boring answer: it’s Lock, Stock!”

David Wain (director of They Came Together): “Well let’s see… checking IMDB… the only Jason Statham movies I’ve ever seen are Collateral, The Pink Panther, and The Italian Job. And I really don’t remember him in any of them. So I guess my favorite was Collateral. Fascinating answer, huh?”

Zachary Quinto:I think he’s really great in Spy, that’s the thing I saw him in most recently. It’s a great subversion of how people see him. I like him in general but I really like his willingness to send himself up and send the style of movie he’s done over the last few years, to send it up in a very effective, comic way. That was a smart move on his part.”

Frank Grillo:My favourite Statham film is the first one I saw him do. The Guy Ritchie film. Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels. Man, for me, he just popped in that movie. I was like, “Who is that guy? I wanna hang out with him.” Because he’s handsome but not Hollywood pretty boy. I could tell right off the bat that he’s an athlete, a tough guy. He’s got that thing. I don’t know what it is, that thing in his eye. I’m a huge Statham fan. I’ve seen all his movies.”

Tiff Stevenson:Oh, Spy! Because he’s not the lead in it! [Laughs] The women in that film are phenomenal. I think he’s funny in it, and he comes off well. I didn’t expect him to be able to do comedy, but he’s very, very funny in that film. I think it’s because he’s surrounded by an amazing female cast.”

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Matthew Giffen:What was the one where he’s gonna die if his heartbeat drops? [Crank] What a fucking hilarious film. I think he’s got good comic sensibilities.”

Eduardo Sanchez: “I don’t know him at all personally, but he seems like he’s a guy who doesn’t take himself completely seriously and knows what his sweet spot is. That’s why my favourite movie of his, I always forget the name of it. I think it’s In The Name Of The King. It’s a bad Game Of Thrones, Lord Of The Rings. It’s swords and sorcery. And it’s him in it, and he’s such a modern guy. But he was just like “Fuck it, I’ll do this shit” and gets a fucking sword.”

Eddie Argos: “When I saw that [question] for the first time, on Den Of Geek I thought it was a joke, because he’d only made one film. I thought he’d only ever made Crank! I like Crank. I just looked at his IMDB page, and he’s got loads of films! I didn’t realise. But obviously Crank’s the answer, isn’t it? That’s the correct answer?”

John Francis Daley (co-director of Vacation):“I would say Transporter. He is an action god and I think that was what first introduced him to American audiences. It had some really cool driving in it, it had some really cool shooting of people in it, and he’s a serious bad-ass.”

Jonathan Goldstein (co-director of Vacation): “I would have to go with Snatch, it just doesn’t get any better than… Snatch.”

Tom Kenny (voice of Spongebob Squarepants): “I would say Lock, Stock & Three Smoking Barrels. Has anyone done that yet?”

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Bill Fagerbakke (voice of Patrick Star): “Oooh. I really enjoyed that one that was out last year, that was shot in the States. The guy with the very intrigue-filled past, trying to live a normal life? I think it was based on a thriller novel. He’s brought back into a world of crime and action… [Homefront] That was just him being a badass, it was so much fun. He’s just got that quality that on the on hand he brings a sense of danger, and on the other, there’s something really endearing about him.” 

Rupert Friend:Wow. I’m racking my brain, what’s the one, it may be the only one I’ve seen, he fights people despite them trying to take his shirt off? [The Transporter 3] They all go round him in a circle and it’s the most homoerotic fight scene ever, they go around in a circle and in a way that in fight films they sometimes do they all take turns to run in instead of just rushing him, which always makes me laugh. They take his shirt off and his hands are strung into the shirt behind him, and he manages to use the shirt and the tie. I have no idea why they’re taking his shirt off but it’s probably just to show off his amazing physique. I’d have to say that one, but that’s probably because I don’t think I’ve seen more than one and in fact it sounds like I’ve only seen one scene from that.” 

Rich Moore (co-director of Zootropolis): “Ummm, I loved The Expendables 3!”

Byron Howard (co-director of Zootropolis): “I loved him in Spy!”

Michael Dorn: “The first Transporter. I can watch that over and and over again!”

Jon Favreau: “Lock, Stock. I’ll pick Lock, Stock!”

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James Watkins (director of Bastille Day): “Ah… that’s a good question… you know… maybe it’s because my cameraman shot it, but… Revolver, it’s by no means a perfect film. I’d love to see a recut of that film. I think there’s some fantastic sequences within that film. Whether that’s my favourite film, probably not, in terms of those I’ve most enjoyed that he’s been in. Probably Lock Stock, to be honest, would be my favourite.”

Stephen Amell:I really enjoyed The Bank Job. Because that was like a proper English film that was made over here, the studio was over here. It wasn’t like an American production company doing an English film, it was just an English film. I liked The Bank Job a lot.”

James Wan: “Wow, what is my favourite Statham movie? I mean I definitely I love the Transporter films, they’re so much fun I mean, obviously Lock, Stock and Snatch, I actually like a lot of movies that he’s been in and of course I think you know! He’s super cool in Fast 7 there’s no doubt about that! Yeah he’s a cool guy to begin with and I got to make him even cooler, so I’m very proud of that.”

Brandon Auman (exec producer on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles): “I think my favourite Jason Statham movie is either Lock, Stock or Snatch.”

Sam Esmail (creator of Mr Robot): “I don’t know how many… Jason Statham? I saw Spy on the plane here, he was really funny in that. I’ve got to be honest with you, I don’t think I’ve seen any of the Transporter films, right, that’s him?”

Dave Franco: Snatch. Yeah. I had a moment with Snatch, where there was one summer, I watched it every other day. I love that film!

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Bill Bailey:The original The Transporter I think, was so brutally effective.”

Robin Ince: “Oh, what’s the one that starts off where he’s a tramp and he breaks into a flat? [Hummingbird] That’s quite good. But I actually think he’s brilliant. This bald man – which used to be one of the rules against being an action hero – the way that he plays it, and he thinks he is a good actor… The Crank films are utterly preposterous. They’re meant to be. You watch them and you go my god, the meetings that they had about this to make it truly ridiculous! Normally, I don’t like action exploding films. But there is a point of preposterousness! It’s a bit like pulp literature. I love that and love art house stuff as well. There’s something about the ride of pulp literature that’s also like watching a Jason Statham movie. The first time I saw Crank, I thought well done everyone. Well done.”

And finally, to the great man himself. Jason Statham – what is your favourite Jason Statham film?

“I have good memories of working with Guy Richie. He started me in the business, so I owe him so much, and I’ve always enjoyed the films. Those two films, Lock Stock and Snatch were just such a great thing for me. And I also like The Bank Job. The Bank Job for me, was a great opportunity for me to do some good acting, you know? Other people might people might dispute that fact (laughs). It was a great story, a true story, and I got to work with some brilliant actors and I’m really proud of that film”.

Rest assured that we will ask more people this very question, and will keep this list up to date…

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