The Week In Geek Quiz: The Batman, Doctor Who, Last Of Us 2

Flex your mind muscles with our weekly pop culture puzzler...

Oh Friday, how welcome you are! And not just because your arrival signifies an impending weekend. No. It’s also our favourite time of the week because Friday means Friday quiz! And who doesn’t love a Friday quiz?

What’s that you say? You? You don’t love a Friday quiz? Then what are you doing here, you wally?!

This week has been pretty chocca with hot pop culture news. In movies, both Jonah Hill and Jeffrey Wright are rumoured to be joining The Batman, while Jurassic World 3 has bagged a whole host of familiar franchise favourites.

The first episode of The Good Place season 4 is here (there’s not a question about this, we’re just really really excited), meanwhile Lost is 15 years old and Friends is 25 years old (and now we feel a million years old). 

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A new Batman game is being teased, while an amazing Goose game (called Untitled Goose Game) is with us right now. Plus, The Last Of Us 2 set a release date for next year!

Oh and Kevin Feige is producing a new Star Wars movie, but no one cares about that, obviously…

Without further ado then, dive into the week in geek quiz – let us know how you got on in the comments.