The Week In Geek Quiz: Terminator, The Princess Bride, Saved By The Bell

It's a random grab-bag of geeky topics in this week's quiz. Can you get full marks?

Somehow it’s Friday again, and somehow we are 20 days into the month of September in the year 2019. But rather than think too hard about the passing of time and how the year is zooming by in the blink of an eye, why not take part in a fun little quiz instead? That sounds a bit more pleasant, doesn’t it?

Here at Den Of Geek Towers (which is actually one wooden desk with some very uncomfortable chairs), we like to mark every Friday with an interactive round-up of the week’s nerdy news. You can expect four questions about movies, four questions about TV, and four questions about games. You can also expect approximately 27 very silly answers that we made up ourselves to try and make you giggle.

If it’s clues that you’re after, it’s worth remembering what happened this week: in movies, Brad Pitt soared into cinemas with the new sci-fi flick Ad Astra, and Netflix announced its slate for Halloween 2019; in TV, a Saved By The Bell revival was revealed, and Battlestar Galactica also lined up a comeback; and in games, a brand new Terminator shooter was unveiled, as was a new Total War game based on the legendary city of Troy.

If those topics sound like the kind of thing you might be able to answer some questions about, feel free to pit your wits in the widget below! And if you fancy telling us your score or your favourite silly answer, do pop down to the comments section when you’re done. And we’d really appreciate it if you shared this quiz with a friend or two. Let’s get cracking, then…

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