The US version of The Avengers gets a second post-credits sequence

News has emerged that our friends in America get a second post-credits sequence not included in international films of The Avengers…

The Avengers

Like a gigantic Chitauri metal space serpent, The Avengers (or Avengers Assemble) has crushed all before it at the UK box-office, and now sits chuckling at the number one spot with a huge taking of £15.78 million – that’s more than Spider-Man 3 and The Dark Knight made in their respective Avalon openings, fact fans.

If you’re one of the legion moviegoers who packed into cinemas to see The Avengers over the past few days, you’ll probably have sat through the end credits to see the now customary Marvel movie post-credit sequence. We won’t spoil things by mentioning what happens here (though if you want a more detailed exploration of what it all meant, you can find one in these hallowed pages), but if you’ve seen it, you may have noted that it arrived precisely halfway through the credits rather than right at the end.

According to some reports on the forums over on SuperHeroHype, this is because the American release of The Avengers will have a second post-credit sequence tagged on at the end. This sequence isn’t currently included, to the best of our knowledge, in any of the international prints.

Quite why this has happened isn’t clear – maybe it’s a little thank you to US fans who’ve waited patiently for their chance to see the movie. At any rate, it looks as though we’ll have to wait until the DVD/Blu-ray release to see the scene for ourselves in the UK – short of chartering a jet to America to see it on the big screen, that is. Anyone fancy chipping in for the fuel bill?

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As for the content of the scene itself, you can read all about it over on SuperHeroHype’s forum – we’re loath to discuss it here for fear of spoiling things for those who’ve yet to enjoy The Avengers for themselves.


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