The Tracker: Exclusive Clip From New Dolph Lundgren Action Movie

Watch Dolph Lundgren waste hapless lackies and forge a partnership in an exclusive clip from The Tracker.

Dolph Lundgren in The Tracker; Lionsgate

The Tracker, an upcoming actioner, won’t exactly show star Dolph Lundgren expanding his performance repertoire in an exceptionally artful manner, but it will find him in familiar ass-kicking form.

Indeed, the ‘80s icon continues his post-Expendables onscreen resurgence in this actioner, in which he plays a doggedly determined ex-military man who’s looking to solve the 15-year mystery of his missing family – brandishing a magnifying glass that requires high-caliber ammo.

If that sounds like an intriguing cinematic guilty pleasure, then check out the exclusive clip below!

As you can see, the film’s titular tracker, Aiden Hakansson (Lundgren) – on the mission of looking for his family – rescues police detective Antonio Graziani (Marco Mazzoli) from a predicament involving armed balaclava-wearing baddies, forging a partnership based on aligned interests.

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The Tracker is directed by Belgian helmer Giorgio Serafini, who works off a screenplay that he co-wrote with Rab Berry and Scott Mallace. Serafini, who mostly fields Italian releases, most recently directed the family fantasy film, Pegasus: Pony with a Broken Wing, and 2018 horror film The Executioners. However, cable channel surfers may have caught one his notable works, the 2011 Wesley Snipes-starring actioner, Game of Death.

Star Dolph Lundgren, is coming off a duo of major releases, with last fall’s DC Comics-adapted smash hit, Aquaman, and Creed II, in which he reprised his star-making role as Ivan Drago from 1985’s Rocky IV. Besides this vengeance-seeking role in The Tracker, he’ll soon be seen in actioner Acceleration and adventure comedies A Man Will Rise and Pups Alone: A Christmas Peril.

Co-star Marco Mazzoli makes his English-language debut in the film as the embattled police detective seen in the clip. His burgeoning acting career started after several years as a Howard-Stern-like radio DJ in Italy. Like Stern, Mazzoli also had his issues with fines-issuing bureaucratic bodies over his content.

The Tracker is set for day-and-date release on August 9, on which it will have limited theatrical screenings and will be available On Demand.

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