The Space Jam 2 You Never Saw Almost Featured Tiger Woods

Tales from the Movie Script Graveyard: Warner Bros. kicked around ideas for a Space Jam 2 with Tiger Woods...

The constantly rumored Space Jam 2 appears to finally be in the works now that a charismatic star with some acting chops like LeBron James has come along. Today marks the original film’s 20th anniversary and while glowing lookbacks are pouring in, some juicy details on the would-be franchise’s history are resurfacing.

In an interview with Mr. Wavvy, Space Jam director Joe Pytka said he went to a “script conference” meeting with Warner Bros. and they pitched an idea that was “silly” to Pytka. The pitch involved a cameo from Michael Jordan and “Tiger Woods was involved in it as well.”

Oddly enough, this rumored pitch was never publicized despite the deep nostalgic love for Space Jam as a kids movie, sports flick, and cultural touchstone for the NBA’s Jordan era.

Pytka doubled down on those comments in a recent interview with Complex:

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“When they talk about making the new movie, god bless them, because they don’t have Michael anymore,” Pytka says. “Bugs Bunny and the Looney Tunes, they got rejuvenated because of Michael. There will never be another Michael Jordan. There’s only been two athletes with that kind of charisma: Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali. At one point a long time back, I was called in to look at a script for Space Jam 2 and Tiger Woods was written into that. It never came to be. It was a strange script. But Tiger was part of it.”

Pytka doesn’t specify what year this meeting took place, but Tiger didn’t reach world No. 1 until 1997, more than a year after the release of Space Jam. It wasn’t until around 2000 that Tiger became a global icon. He spent nearly a decade at the top of the PGA Tour before a sex scandal and injuries derailed his career.

According to Pytka, the Tiger Woods/Michael Jordan pitch never went anywhere and he told the writers he didn’t like the idea.

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“Everyone was trying to take advantage of the situation,” Pytka said. “The original thing is the original thing. They should leave it alone.”

You can watch the full interview here: