The Sound Trailer: Rose McGowan and Christopher Lloyd Horror Film

The Sound trailer shows the spectacularly random team-up of Rose McGowan and Christopher Lloyd as paranormal investigators.

While The Conjuring films may have rejuvenated the box office viability of the paranormal horror genre, a smaller scale offering, called The Sound, comes to the table with something unique: Rose McGowan and Christopher Llloyd teaming up to battle a malevolent spirit. Great Scott!

The Sound trailer centers on McGowan’s Kelly Johansen, a passionate skeptic of the paranormal who, armed with an expertise in acoustics, utilizes soundwaves as the primary tool of reports that she posts online. However, the debunking activities lead her to a case in an abandoned subway – built on a graveyard – in which a purportedly hoaxed suicide occurred 40 years earlier. Ironically, the case not only uncovers paranormal proof, but makes Kelly the target of a malevolent spirit, forcing her to see disturbing imagery and memories. Joined by caretaker Clinton Jones (Christopher Lloyd), Kelly continues her pursuit of a dangerous truth.

Rose McGowan, the (tabloid-notorious) former longtime co-star of Charmed and raven-haired big screen siren from the multi-director-touted Grindhouse, Conan the Barbarian (2011), Monkey Bone, Ready to Rumble, Jawbreaker and the original Scream, has an interesting starring role on her hands with The Sound. Indeed, the co-starring presence of Christopher Lloyd, who amongst myriad roles, was the irrepressible Dr. Emmett Brown of the Back to the Future films, villainous Judge Doom in Who Framed Roger Rabbit and burnt-out Reverend Jim on classic television’s Taxi, should make for an intriguing, albeit visually-somber team-up. – Michael Eklund, Richard Gunn, Jane Moffat and Alex Braunstein also appear.

The Sound is the very first directorial effort of actress-turned-helmer Jenna Mattison, who works off a script she wrote. The indie film, financed by Hackybox Pictures and WeatherVane Productions and distributed by Samuel Goldwyn Films, was shot in a Toronto subway station in 2015 and was initially titled Lower Bay.

The Sound does not have a release date, with only the designation of “2017” hinted.

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