The Long Dumb Road Clip Shows Tony Revolori & Jason Mantzoukas’ Life Philosophy

In exclusive comedy clip, watch Tony Revolori and Jason Mntzoukas discuss the finer things in life on The Long Dumb Road.

The Long Dumb Road Tony Revolori

Life can be hard, but a road trip with funnymen can often do the trick of lightening the load—for audiences and characters alike. So it goes with The Long Dumb Road, a comedy on the road of the American Southwest that looks at the small but still stark generational divide between its two central characters: Nat (played by Tony Revolori) and Richard (Jason Mantzoukas). In the film, Nat is an aspiring photographer who is bound for college and a shiny new future; Richard is a 30-something millennial who just wants a buddy for the drive, and maybe the chance to get drunk all across the open road of Americana that lies between blue dot Austin, Texas and the dream factory that is Los Angeles.

But it is also this Americana which Nat wants to experience, and Richard wants to escape from as old flames are discovered, that turns their Odd Couple pairing into a real partnership. Revolori, a breakout in Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel who has since appeared as Flash Thompson in Spider-Man: Homecoming, looks to have a natural give-and-take with Mantzoukas of Big Mouth and Brooklyn Nine-Nine fame (we also thought he proved quite the scene-stealer in Sleeping with Other People).

The film, which also stars Taissa Farmiga (The Nun, American Horror Story) and Casey Wilson (Gone Girl) is the latest from Hannah Fidell after A Teacher and 6 Years, and is working from a script by herself and Carson Mell (Silicon Valley). In the below exclusive clip, Nat and Richard are seen discussing what they want from this life, and hint: for Mantzoukas’ character, it ain’t a whole hell of a lot.

The Long Dumb Road premieres in theaters on Nov. 9, and On Demand and digital on Nov. 16.

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