The Five Box Office Milestones Hit This Weekend

Five different films crossed five different box office barriers over the weekend in the US...

Summer blockbuster season at the US box office at least really isn’t doing too badly. While the international takings of certain films, such as Solo: A Star Wars Story, has tailed below expectations, there’s a small bunch of big bets that have handsomely delivered. And as it happens, several passed milestones over the weekend.

The most obvious, then, was Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, instantly blasting through the $150 million barrier on its opening weekend. That’s down on Jurassic World, but up on expectations. The film has now made more than $700m worldwide.

The Incredibles 2, meanwhile, burst through a stunning $350 million on its second weekend on release. That makes it one of the top ten animated films of all time at the US box office already, with plenty of space ahead to bring in more cash. It lands in the UK next month.

Meanwhile, Ocean’s 8 – budgeted at a modest $70 million – crossed $100 million in its third weekend. It’ll net a tidy return for Warner Bros once its run is done.

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Deadpool 2, on this very same weekend, added another $5 million to cross the $300 million line in America. Its US total stands at $304 million. Solo: A Star Wars Story, meanwhile, passed the $200 million this weekend, adding another $4 million for $202 million in the US and counting.

And there’s another milestone too. Just before the weekend, A Wrinkle In Time edged past $100 million in the US. It added $90,000 to its total these past few days, and stands at $100.3 million in all.

Five milestones in a weekend. That doesn’t happen often…