The Expendables 4 Set for Summer Shoot

The gang is getting back together, as The Expendables 4 gets ready to film this summer...

The gang is getting back together after all, as the fourth film in The Expendables series looks like it’s happening after all. Previously both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone had ruled themselves out for a fourth film – a surprise, given that Stallone conceived the series, directing the first and co-scripting the others – but Stallone at least looks like he’s back in.

Randy Couture definitely is, too. He’s been talking to The Arnold Fans about the movie, and confirmed that “I’m excited about Expendables 4.”

“Right now, we’re scheduled to start filming in August and hopefully we’re able to stay on schedule. It sounds like we’re coming back to Bulgaria, which is exciting. I’ve spent a lot of time in Sofia and Varna and I’m excited to come back.”

What’s not clear yet is just who’s going to make up the ensemble this time around, as well as who will direct the film. Those details should fall into shape over the coming months.

It’s unclear how the new film will affect plans for The Expendables TV series. We’ll keep you posted…

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