The Dark Knight Trilogy Is Being Remastered in 4K

Christopher Nolan confirms that he's very involved with the 4K remastering of his Batman classics.

Out on the promotional rounds for his new World War II epic Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan was asked whether he’s involved in 4K remasters of his earlier films, particularly The Dark Knight Trilogy

Turns out he is, telling BadTaste.It in a new interview, “The wonderful thing about 4K technology is it gets closer to the resolution that we shot the films in.” He added, “Photochemically finished films of 35mm have at least 6K of resolution. IMAX films have upwards of 18K. As home video keeps evolving, 4K, particular 4K with HDR, it allows us to give somebody in the home an experience that’s much, much closer to what it was like to see the original film prints as projected on film.”

Nolan confirmed that he is personally involved with the 4K restoration, but did not give an indication of when the films will be ready: “It’s a long, complicated process that we’re doing right now, but the results I’m seeing are very pleasing and very spectacular.”

Warner Bros has been rumored to have been working on an Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray release of Nolan’s three Batman films – Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises – so this clinches it. Now we can only wait and see when the Nolan-approved final product emerges to dazzle us all over again.

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