The Dark Knight Rises: Bane’s dialogue problems sorted out?

It looks like Christopher Nolan has acted upon complaints that you can't hear what Bane is saying in the prologue to The Dark Knight Rises...

Given that it’s only playing on four screens in the UK, we’d imagine that there aren’t too many people over here who have seen the six minute prologue to The Dark Knight Rises that Warner Bros attached to selected IMAX screenings of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. However, that doesn’t mean that the main complaint about it isn’t well known: that Bane’s dialogue is pretty much impossible to make out.

It turns out that Christopher Nolan might just have been listening to the comments, too. And more than that: he appears to have acted upon them.

Over in the US, where far more screens are showing the opening to The Dark Knight Rises, Collider is reporting that a new soundtrack might just have been supplied to projectionists.

According to the site’s source, “they’ve gone in and lowered the background noise of the plane and other things, thus making Bane’s dialogue clearer and more understandable”. As a consequence, when audience members were asked after the film if they could hear what Bane was saying, “they all said they had no issue understanding him, and were excited for the movie.”

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Fair does to Nolan, here. It doesn’t sound like he’s changed Bane’s dialogue, as you’d expect, but reworking the sound mix and the levels within the film is both responsive, and apparently effective.

More on the change at Collider, here.