The Crazies are coming again

There were other not-quite-zombie movies before 28 Days Later - and George Romero's is heading for a remake…

The Crazies , George Romero’s 1973 cult film about a viral outbreak in rural Pennsylvania is to be remade by Overture films and Sahara director Breck Eisner. Slated writer Ray Wright shared screenplay credit with Wes Craven, among others, for the 2006 J-horror remake Pulse, which dealt with a suicide epidemic caused by a mysterious electronic force.

Romero’s The Crazies deals with the outbreak of the military virus ‘Trixie’ in Western Pennsylvania, which sends those it comes into contact with into a frenzy of bloodletting and insanity. Though a commercial failure at release, the film built up a cult following in the 1970s and inspired many academic similes to the civil unrest that America was still trying to come to terms with in the wake of the sixties and an unpopular war. So culturally, it seems right on the money for this particular epoch, which will next year find the BBC’s revisioning of Terry Nation’s 1970s tale of viral apocalypse, Survivors, heading to UK screens as well.

With the imminent release of Blindness, we might be moving away from elliptical zombie-therapy and be ready to talk about the underlying themes of horror films of the last five years in more direct terms. But the Apocalypse Now for the middle-east will have to wait out many more survivalist horror films yet, I think…


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