The Craft Remake Gets Rewrite

The developing remake of the 1996 witch clique movie The Craft moves forward with a rewrite.

The Craft, the 1996 high school witch coven horror drama that was YA before the term was even popularized, has been the subject of remake prospects for the past few years. However, after some stalling, it appears that the project will move forward with news that it’s getting a script rewrite from a hot prospect.

According to The Tracking Board, Sony has tapped screenwriter Daniel Casey to rewrite The Craft remake script initially penned by its would-be director Leigh Janiak and her partner on 2014’s Honeymoon Phil Graziadei. The duo has been attached to the project for about two years at this point.

The original 1996 movie, written and directed by Andrew Fleming, featuring a killer soundtrack of contemporaneous 1990s alternative rock, centered on an embattled new-kid-in-town high school student Sarah (Robin Tunney) who comes into the orbit of a group of Goth outcasts (played by Fairuza Balk, Neve Campbell and Rachel True). However, their dabbling in witchcraft allows them to achieve actual supernatural abilities, which eventually corrupts the makeshift coven, led down a power-hungry primrose path by group alpha Nancy (Balk). Thus, it’s up to a conscientious Sarah to quell the proverbial fire the group started.

While Janiak, who reportedly impressed Sony with a remake pitch depicting an updated story of female empowerment, is still onboard to direct the picture, it appears that the script needed a little tune-up. Enter newcomer Daniel Casey, who is creating industry insider buzz, having re-written surprise 2016 Cloverfield offshoot 10 Cloverfield Lane and tapped for projects such as an adaptation of the Larry Niven short story Inconstant Moon, which will be directed by James Ponsoldt, whose star-studded sci-fi drama/thriller release The Circle hit theaters this past April.

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Details on The Craft remake are scarce. In fact, the idea that the project will even be a remake or reboot at all came into question back in May 2016 when producer Douglas Wick seemed to dance around the idea, cryptically stating, “I wouldn’t say that we wouldn’t so much call it a remake as ’20 years later.’” However, the noun, “remake” was prominently used to describe the project in the latest report. – Take that as you will.