The Avengers script leaks, rumours of production delay

Samuel L Jackson’s screenplay for The Avengers has been stolen and offered for sale, it seems. So what’s happened, and what is Marvel doing about it?

It’s turned out to be a slightly bumpy start to production for Marvel’s movie of The Avengers. Filming started on the superhero mash-up a week or two back, under the guiding hand of director Joss Whedon, but already, a problem appears to have presented itself.

And the problem is this: Samuel L Jackson’s copy of the screenplay has apparently been stolen. Furthermore, the person who stole the script has been offering it to movie websites for a price. And to their credit, all of the movie websites approached have turned the offer down.

It was the fine folks over at Obsessed With Film who broke the story, having been approached over the script. It got visual proof of the screenplay, and from the pictures it was sent, it appears to be very much the real deal. In fact, that was all but confirmed by Thor star, Chris Hemsworth, who told the Wall Street Journal,”I know that script changed a lot, so it’s not the most recent version of it anyway.”

This was then reported to have had ramifications. For rumours then suggested that Marvel was temporarily shutting down the production of the film to retool the screenplay. However, that has since been denied, and it does appear that it’s business as usual on the making of the film. It’s unclear whether any changes will be made to the screenplay as a result of the script leak. As of now, the full version of The Avengers script has not yet turned up online, and we do hope that it remains that way.

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The story does somewhat hark back to the leaking of the ending to the movie Terminator: Salvation online a year or two back, which did result in script changes. But given that The Avengers is due in cinemas next May, time is not on Marvel’s side.  Business as usual, then…

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