The Amazing Spider-Man rumoured DVD/Blu-ray release date

Expect the new Spider-Man film to swing onto disc this November...

The Amazing Spider-Man

With most of the big blockbusters now out in cinemas, attention gradually turns to when we expect to see most of them on DVD and Blu-ray. We already know that Battleship is arriving in August in the UK, and that September sees the release of The Avengers. Furthermore, Prometheus is marked for early October, and Men In Black III is up for pre-order on 26th November.

Early word suggests though that The Amazing Spider-Man may also be released around the same time. One or two UK retailers had suggested a 19th November release date for the film, with a DVD, Blu-ray and 3D Blu-ray release listed so far. Pre-orders have since officially begun, with Monday 26th November the official date that the webslinger heads onto disc in the UK. Our guess, therefore, for the US release date is the day after, Tuesday 27th. Only the UK date appears to be official thus far, though.

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