The Alternate Ending of Jurassic Park

A binder full of original storyboards has revealed one of Jurassic Park's alternate endings...

The ending of Jurassic Park is iconic to many of us. Lifting off in the helicopter and leaving the horrors of hungry velociraptors and rampant Tyrannosaurus Rex attacks behind, the film’s final sequence serves as a bit of a relief after the adventures that came before it. The sublime soundtrack rising into the end credits, Sam Neill making that relieved face he makes, knowing those wee blighters were finally safe as houses – a face that was mirrored by those in the audience, just before they popped off into town to buy a Jurassic Park lunchbox and pyjamas. 


But back in the day, a different ending was planned for Steven Spielberg’s 1993 classic, as the Jurassic Time Facebook page revealed last year (with a h/t FlickeringMyth). They posted the film’s original end sequence a couple of weeks back, after getting hold of dinosaur supervisor – and star of one of the best “you had one job!” memes – Phil Tippett’s early Jurassic Park storyboard binders.

If you click through the photos there, you’ll see that the plan was to have the T. rex chase poor Dr. Alan Grant and the kids all the way to the helicopter – and get pretty close to taking them down by biting off a piece of the escape vehicle. Blimey, that would have been more than my poor young heart could take.

The Jurassic Time page has loads of other cool stuff too, so feel free to pay them a visit. They’ve also teased that “there is actually more to this that will be revealed via other sources. There were at least three different versions of this sequence planned out. This is an early version of the first.”

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We can’t get enough of this stuff to be honest, so bring it on.