The Accountant Sequel in the Works, Ben Affleck Eyes Return

A sequel to the Ben Affleck-starring 2016 crime thriller The Accountant is in the works over at Warner Bros.

Ben Affleck’s world may or (probably) not center in DC Comics’ Gotham City, but his recent starring role in the action-crime drama The Accountant garnered acclaim and proved profitable; something that now stands to gain Affleck another sequel project. According to Deadline, a sequel to The Accountant is in the works with Warner Bros. and the studio is looking to bring the band back together. The triumvirate of star Ben Affleck, screenwriter Bill Dubuque and director Gavin O’Connor are all reportedly in talks to return for another outing. Producers Lynette Howell Taylor and Mark Williams would also prospectively return, should the deal be finalized.

The Accountant stars Affleck as accountant Chris Wolff, a beyond-genius-level savant forensic accountant who, besides being a dangerous, highly-trained combatant, moonlights as a freelance fixer for the criminal underground. However, one such assignment makes Chris, along with a robotics company’s accountant (Anna Kendrick), the target of the long arm of the federal law and a malevolent corporate conspiracy. Amongst the film’s co-stars is Jon Bernthal (Netflix’s The Punisher, The Walking Dead) as Braxton Wolf, a hired gun initially sent to kill Chris, with whom he eventually reaches a plot-twisting détente. Consequently, Bernthal is also reportedly in talks to return alongside Affleck for the sequel.

While there generally wasn’t much speculation about its franchise prospects, The Accountant, upon its October 14, 2016 release, managed to top the box office in its opening weekend, eventually grossing $155.16 million worldwide off a $44 million budget. Thus, its status as a cost-effective gritty, intelligent actioner seems to have captured the imagination of studio suits who believe that – possibly similar to Keanu Reeves’s action hit franchise John Wick – there is money to be made by risking a sequel that won’t stray far from the original formula.

The Accountant sequel won’t be the only high-profile picture on the docket of (prospectively returning) director Gavin O’Connor, who also directed Natalie Portman in the 2015 western Jane Got a Gun and the duo of Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton as sibling MMA rivals in the 2011 drama Warrior. He’s attached to another masked superhero (with Batman connections, via the 1966 TV series,) in another planned film remake of The Green Hornet and a war drama starring Bradley Cooper called Atlantic Wall.

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The Accountant successfully showcased megastar Ben Affleck in a unique way, utilizing a superpower of sorts in astounding mathematical skills and deadly fighting ability. Thus, news of a sequel is a surprising, but nonetheless exciting, development.