Terminator Salvation OK for ‘R’ rating

Forget it, melon-farmers - there won't necessarily be any toning down of harsh language or bloody action in the new Terminator flick...

What are you f***ing looking at?

It’s reported that Terminator: Salvation director McG has obtained a guarantee from Warner Bros that he will be able to release 2009’s new Terminator film in an ‘R’-rated version if that’s the way the film ends up going.

Geeks Of Doom, reporting from the Salvation panel at Comicon in San Diego say:

While McG is currently in New Mexico filming the fourth film, it’s not definite yet what the rating will be. But, the director did assure everyone that he’s been given the blessing from Warner Bros. to make an R-rated movie. This means that if when McG completes the movie and it ends up being an R-rated film, he has the go-ahead to release it that way without pressure to cut it down for PG-13.

What a relief. However, that surety is no safeguard that McG won’t be under pressure (rather than an edict) to broaden the film’s potential audience by lightening up on the violence and whatever else tips the balance into ‘R’ territory.

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After seeing Bruce Willis get through an entire Die Hard film (4.0) without his standard profanities, we’re as hopeful as other Terminator fans that Salvation sticks to the roots of the series in tone. We don’t want to see the new killbot selecting ‘Forget you, melon-farmer’ from their list of possible responses…

Geeks Of Doom

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