Terminator 6 Reportedly Cancelled, as Schwarzenegger Quits

Arnold Schwarzenegger's days with the Terminator movie franchise are over, it seems...

Not since The Sarah Connor Chronicles on the small screen has the Terminator franchise looked anywhere close to decent health. The widely disliked Terminator: Genisys, meanwhile, was supposed to kick off a new trilogy of films back in 2015, but the critical mauling the film suffered, as well as the general audience dislike, proved an obstacle. Too big an obstacle by the sounds of it, too. The Terminator Genisys follow-up was removed from Paramount’s schedules, and all seemed done and dusted.

Well, until earlier this year. That’s when it was revealed that Terminator 6 was back on, with James Cameron overseeing the movie directly. That story linked Deadpool director Tim Miller with the job of helming the film, given that Cameron is spending the next few years of his life making a big boxset of Avatar sequels.

However, the latest report suggest that even that’s not happening anymore. That Terminator 6, in whatever guise, has been taken off Paramount’s schedule altogether. The story was broken by the New York Daily News, which also adds that Arnold Schwarzenegger has now indicated that he doesn’t want to continue with the franchise either. Given that Emilia Clarke – the incumbent Sarah Connor – had also said she didn’t want to return to her role, the proverbial sinking ship is running out of passengers. Paramount had apparently also decided not to pick up either of the options on their contracts.

The irony is that Terminator Genisys actually did solid box office in the end, although hardly earth-shattering. But the cold, hard truth is that without James Cameron actually directing the movie this time around, few Terminator fans were particularly keen to sit through another film in the series. And that, at least until the next round of reboot talks begins, appears to be that. Although as we understand, the rights do revert back to Cameron himself in a couple of years…

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