Superman: The Movie Returning to Theaters

You can see Christopher Reeve soar as Superman once again thanks to Fathom Events.

One of the greatest superhero movies of all time will return to the big screen to celebrate its 40th anniversary. Fathom Events is bringing Superman: The Movie, certainly the Man of Steel’s best cinematic effort, will play in 500 theaters nationwide.

Directed by Richard Donner, 1978’s Superman is beloved for its dramatic, high adventure take on the Last Son of Krypton legend, and its all star cast. No actor before or since has embodied the dual role of Superman and Clark Kent as well as Christopher Reeve, who shared the screen with Margot Kidder as Lois Lane, Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor, Marlon Brando as Jor-El, and dozens of others, including Jackie Cooper, Valerie Perrine, Ned Beatty, Glenn Ford, and Phyllis Thaxter.

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As a special bonus, right before the iconic opening credits roll, Fathom will present “Mechanical Monsters” the 10-minute animated short from the Fleischer Studios. “Mechanical Monsters” was the second of the Fleischer’s Superman cartoons, which all stand among the greatest adventure cartoons ever produced. If you haven’t seen it, especially on a big screen, you’re really in for a treat.

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The return of Superman to theaters goes hand-in-glove with the theatrical re-release of Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, currently celebrating its 25th anniversary. “There are no bigger Super Heroes in the world than Batman and Superman, and these incredible cinematic adventures are true movie milestones,” said Tom Lucas, Fathom Events VP of Studio Relations in a statement. “Fathom Events is honored to be working with Warner Bros. and DC to return them to the silver screen for their anniversaries, and we can’t wait to share the excitement of these movies with fans of all ages.”

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Superman: The Movie will play in theaters on Sunday, Nov. 25 and Tuesday, Nov. 27. Coincidentally, “Mechanical Monsters” saw its theatrical release on Nov. 28, 1941. Tickets are now available via Fathom Events.

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