Superman latest rumours: Singer out, Wachowski Brothers in?

Could the latest Superman reports have any credence to them, we wonder?

Will Routh be putting his tights on again?

The ongoing saga with regards the next Superman film, what to do with it and who to make it, could be heading towards some kind of resolution if the latest report over at Aintitcool is to be believed.

What’s been known for some time is that Warner Bros is keen to do another reboot of sorts of the franchise, and the understanding has been that director Bryan Singer was keen to build on Superman Returns in much the same way that his second X-Men movie built on the first.

However, things may have come to a bit of a head. According to a story that Ainitcool has posted – and granted, there does need to be a little pinch of salt or two here – Bryan Singer has refused to do the reboot that Warner Bros was looking for, and has thus left the Superman project. This is apparently according to director James McTeigue (V For Vendetta), a long-time collaborator with the Wachowski Brothers.

This then should give you a clue as to where things are heading next (if, er, the headline of the story didn’t). Because Warner Bros has apparently approached the Wachowski Brothers about doing a further Superman reboot, with a trilogy in mind. Now there’s no word from the brothers themselves on this, and given the recent box office track record of the Wachowskis, they’re not the most straightforward choices themselves. But there is still some logic to it. The same report also notes that Singer will move on to do the remake of Logan’s Run.

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Is any of this likely to be true? It gets harder to tell where the future of Superman is concerned. It’s certainly getting to the point where Warner Bros needs to make up its mind, as at this rate, another Batman film will be well into production before the Man of Steel thinks about getting his tights dirty again. Expect some denial or admission of this particular story in due course, though.

Here’s the Ainitcool piece.